From 27. to 29. SEPTEMBER 2007 was held in Ettlingen / Germany
1. Hahnemann International Congress instead.

On the following pages of this event is reported.

Photos of the event, see Photo - Gallery.

The continuation of the IHC held in 2009 in Köthen instead.

08. until 10.October 2009
International experience Cöthener (ICE) 9 in Köthen

The tools of the practice --
Safe Working with Repertory and Materia Medica

07. until 08 October 2009
Workshop with Dr. Carlos Cámpora
Serious psychiatric and neurological cases.

How reliable are our repertoire?
Can I rely on section records and grades to leave?
How could an improved materia medica look like?
The speakers talk about flawed and valuable sections, the Erabreitung of Charakteritischen of medicines and cases.

The speakers will be:

Dr. Andre Saine ND (Canada)
Dr. Néstor Carlos Campora (Argentina)
Dr. Carl Rudolf Klinkenberg (Germany)
Dr. Christian Lucae (Germany) and
Dr. Matthias Wischner (Germany)
Dr. Peter Minder (Switzerland)
Dr. Jürgen Moritz (Germany)
Stefan Reis (Germany)
MD PhD. Josef M. Schmidt (Germany)
Dr. Frederik Schroyens (Belgium)
Dr. K. S. Srinivasan (India)
Dipl.-Biol. Peter Vint (G

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